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December 2001 Voluptuous

Denise tells us she loves going out in public dressed in tight-fitting clothes that emphasize her sizeable assets. If we didn't spend most of our time laying around the house in our underwear, we'd feel the same way. Among her favorite choices of outfits are short-short skirts and low-cut tops, which she likes to wear with thigh-high boots. Now for the question V-Men have been asking! Will Denise ever share with us pics of her taking a dick the way she's taking that phony, flesh-colored fuck friend? Now that she's rapidly becoming a V-Mag superstar, can her boy-girl debut be far behind? We're gonna get it for you, V-Men. This is the Voluptuous Pledge to our readers. Here's a brief Denise Q&A:

Fantasies you would like to try one day: "Group sex."
How important is penis size to you? "Can't beat a big dick."
Describe your perfect day or evening: "To be pampered all day and fucked all night."
Are you sexually assertive or passive? "Most definitely assertive."
Do you initiate sex or…
Featuring: Denise Davies
Duration: 30

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1 year ago 
If she would marry me her initials would be triple d
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