Wet & Sudsy

New friends Demmy Blaze and Daria meeting for the first time have quickly become bosom buddies. They're taking selfies on a couch indoors when Dave appears on the On Location North Coast message tablet with a new challenge for this rare pair.

"Ever since the movie Cool Hand Luke, it has been every man's fantasy to see a beautiful, big-boobed girl washing a car using every part of her body. Well, for this challenge, two big-boobed girls will be washing the car parked outside. You've got the tools, girls. Now get to it."

Wearing white tank tops and tight shorts, Daria and Demmy go outside, pick up a garden hose and a sponge and get down to the soaping in one of the all-time greatest car washing scenes. As they get wetter and wetter, they peel off their tops and bottoms and concentrate more on their beautiful bodies than the vehicle. Using their naked tits as buffers, they press against the glass, a sight we see from inside the car. Great job, Daria and Demmy.

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Featuring: Daria and Demmy Blaze
Date: December 29th, 2019
Duration: 130

Member Comments

3 weeks ago 
Daria is back!
3 weeks ago 
Demmy Blaze!!!!!!
3 weeks ago 
Forget what's on the news. Demmy is the only part of Ukraine worth discussing.

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