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Dawn Phoenix - Set #1

1978 was a very good year. It's the birth year of Dawn Phoenix and another Dawn who would overshadow Dawn (and a ton of others), Linsey Dawn. 1996 was an even better year because that was when they turned 18 and could model their new birthday suits in North America. The studios in the UK had to wait for Dawn also. An English girl born in Cyprus, she wanted to pose for SCORE and Voluptuous mags earlier but couldn't. We all had to wait. And because of her age, we couldn't even preview her. Luckily Dawn's eagerness stayed high while the countdown began. Because her birthday was in July, she beat Linsey into Voluptuous magazine by just one month. Too bad they never modeled together and too bad Dawn's modeling career was so short. She was built like a bleepin' brick shithouse.
Featuring: Dawn Phoenix
Duration: 40
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