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Wrapped In Plastic

If Daphne Rosen thinks she can make a dress out of transparent cling film, then she has no fuckin' compassion whatsoever for the male gender. We'd hate to see her walk down the street in a see-through plastic dress and high heels. Think of the carnage that sight would cause. This is a rare photo series because Daphne is already naked in heels. Usually she's wearing some sex-erotic dress or tight top to slip out of. Her new SCORE Studio friend Tony Rubino has just met Daphne for the first time but has seen her photos in SCORE. He's anxious to slip her the ol' meat-banana and goes from fully dressed to starkers in one photo frame. This is called The Daphne Effect. Daphne is ready to be done. She does a standing fuck, something we haven't see her do lately. There are some mucho-horny photos of Daphne sucking cock with her legs splayed so we can see her huge jugs hanging. This is a pose that every tit-man loves. She even thoughfully spreads her ass-cheeks open so we can see her butt-hole…
Featuring: Daphne Rosen and Tony Rubino
Date: September 6th, 2008
Duration: 100
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