Big Boob Photos » Bikini Busters (SCORE Special 152)

Bikini Busters (SCORE Special 152)

Danielle has good advice about beating a speeding ticket. The only deficiency is that her technique only works for busty girls. And the cop has to be a straight male or a Lesbian. "If you know you're going to get pulled over, the trick is if you see the cop behind you, and you have a zip-on sweatshirt or a button-down shirt, you start getting undressed, but not obviously, so when he gets to the window, stuff is hanging out already. And one time, my bag was on the passenger seat, and I leaned over, and my boob fell out of my tank top. And I didn't get a ticket. All of a sudden the cop was like, 'Keep going, girl. You're absolutely fine.'"
Featuring: Danielle Derek
Date: October 3rd, 2007
Duration: 60
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