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Miss Speedbumps

Dallas Dixon's 38DDD's should be declared national treasures. Since this will probably not happen in the foreseeable future, we'd like to do this ourselves. So on this day, we hereby declare Dallas' tits national treasures. "In my day job, I wear pin-striped suits so wearing a racing cheerleader costume was a lot of fun," Dallas said while she posed with the bike. "I don't ride bikes at home but I've heard the vibrations can make a girl really happy," she teases. Dallas' boobs look flawless. For those breast-men who love seeing veins, there's just enough...not too little, not too much. Her nipples are prominent in both size and color. It was a good day when she decided to contact us and say, "I want to model!" See Dallas' first video in Voluptuous Theater.
Featuring: Dallas Dixon
Date: June 22nd, 2008
Duration: 60
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