Big Boob Photos » Daizie Boot Camp Shoot December 2001 Sco

Daizie Boot Camp Shoot December 2001 Sco

This Boob Boot Camp spread was inspired by one of Daizie The K's regular sex fantasies about being dominated by a man in uniform. "I fantasize about being a recruit and my drill sargeant telling me what to do," Daizie told us. So that got our brains a perculatin' but good. Some reruns of Gomer Pyle later... Looking at this completed pictorial, we can already predict that it's gonna be her most popular ever. Nope, that's not a dum-dum shell DK is plugging into her tight pussy. Never fear, more Daizie pictorials are on the way to both SCORE & Voluptuous.
Featuring: Daizie Kellogg
Duration: 30
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