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Mammary Lane

Justa Dream, Kayla Kleevage, Crystal Storm and L.A. Bust get it together for a rare group photo shoot in this trip down Mammary Lane from February, 1991. Crystal is back on the road in 2007, featuring at various clubs and made an appearance at the Dancer's Expo. Kayla is still busting things up and filmed a scene for Ben Stiller's remake of The Heartbreak Kid. She appears in a hot tub with Stiller's oversexed father, Jerry. "This is the first time I've been on the big screen at the local movie theater," Kayla said. "The film crew extended the normal closed set shoot for my nude scene with Jerry Stiller but I assured them that wouldn't be necessary. I must say that to be working with stars of this caliber for a major movie company like Dream Works is a true honor for me! I actually had to audition for the part and competed with 15 other hopefuls, then waited a whole year to see the finished film. I was pretty sure my piece would end up on the cutting room floor but I made the final…
Date: November 24th, 2007
Duration: 46
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