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Executive Secretary

A lot of us in the Boob Brotherhood grew up hoping we would one day get a super-hot secretary or assistant with great, big tits. Maybe a few of us did, and if you are one of them, congratulations. Now, Crystal Gunns as a private secretary...that's something to visualize in your mind's eye. Think of your everyday life with a secretary like her. Taking dictation. Checking office supplies in the stockroom, standing precariously in high heels on a ladder in front of you, her thong panties visible as her mini-skirt hiked up. Pouring you a nice cup of coffee as she bent forward from the waist, her deep cleavage forming two huge mounds nestled in a tight bra under a V-necked blouse, bountiful chest rising and falling as she inhaled and exhaled. And don't forget those late nights working together at the office with no one else around. And last, but not least, the Christmas and New Year's office parties. Of course, you'd have to threaten the annoying mail room guy, just to keep him from…
Featuring: Crystal Gunns
Date: December 24th, 2008
Duration: 80

Member Comments

8 years ago 
Wizzardface, go into MY SCORE Sites. See the link below? There is a Crystal Gunns SCORELAND website.
8 years ago 
How come i see more crystal with you watermark on the internet than i do on
your site? I want more this is why i joined!!!
8 years ago 
I always wished that you guys at Score couldn't convince Crystal to do more XXX.
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