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This is part of a series of Crystal Gunns cover photos shot on medium format film. Although the brassiere shots are great and the tube top stuff fucking outstanding, the extreme bikini photos received the highest marks from your editors. This bikini is from the Wicked Temptations company in Los Angeles. The following exchange is from Crystal's Video Interview:

CRYSTAL: He's spanking it off. He's spanking the monkey! That's what the guys usually tell me at the clubs..."I spank off to you all the time, Crystal!" I'd rather hear that word, spanking, then jerking off.

SCORE: When you hear that, Crystal, that guys are spanking to you, what goes through your mind?

CRYSTAL: Honestly, it bothers me a little bit. I always wonder why they can't say something more seductive than, "I'm spanking off to you"! I wish they would say it nicer like, "I enjoy your photos," or "I enjoy your movies," or...

SCORE: I fantasize about you...

CRYSTAL: I would like that much better.

SCORE: How about, "I…
Featuring: Crystal Gunns
Duration: 33
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