Crystal Chase's Lingerie Love

Crystal Chase's Lingerie Love

SCORELAND: What do you wear or do when you want to feel sexy?

Crystal Chase: I like wearing really sexy lingerie and dolling myself up. Wearing form-fitting clothing but still semi-modest. I usually dress modestly, but there's just something about being the only one knowing that there's something hot underneath.

SCORELAND: You get tons of attention.

Crystal Chase: I've always loved attention. It never bothers me.

SCORELAND: What do you do for hobbies?

Crystal Chase: I play video games. Minecraft. I love anime.

SCORELAND: What's the funniest comment a guy's ever said to you?

Crystal Chase: Can I call you mommy?

SCORELAND: You notice a guy checking you out. You find him attractive, what happens next?

Crystal Chase: I go and talk to him. I tell him I saw him checking me out and I think he's attractive. I'll ask him out or chat with him. I want to see how he is mentally after liking the physical.

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Featuring: Crystal Chase
Date: November 24th, 2022
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