Crystal Chase: Lingerie Dream Girl

Crystal Chase: Lingerie Dream Girl

"I absolutely adore dirty talk and praising, especially hearing 'good girl,'" said Crystal Chase. "It makes me super-wet and happy."

When it comes to dating, Crystal likes "cute, romantic ones like picnics or dinner, then going home for you-know-what."

"My attention is extremely hard to get so you have to work hard to even get me to look your way. If we have a common interest and I can have a conversation so good that we stay until the restaurant closes you know I like you. I like romantic gestures, flowers and well thought-out details.

"For example, 'Hey can you meet me at this restaurant? I called them and they said they have plenty of vegetarian options for you so you wouldn't have a hard time ordering.' That will most likely consume my mind all day because of the thoughtfulness. I've had times where guys tell me to meet them at a steakhouse and I roll my eyes back so hard because I always mention I'm vegetarian. That attention to details really does matter."

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Featuring: Crystal Chase
Date: September 8th, 2022
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3 weeks ago 
Luscious Latina!

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