Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous Holiday 2004

Voluptuous Holiday 2004

Crisa is a confirmed disciple of Tantra yoga sex. She's really into these eastern concepts of sexual energy control, orgasm prolongation, erection elongation and other semi-mystical techniques involving the urge to merge. After first appearing in V-Mag, Crisa herself has been earning her own disciples who'd like to complete their own mergers and splergers with her. She and fellow model Joana are very good friends in Romania. Almost kissin' cousins. Crisa, Joana, Eden, Bozena and Kelly Kay were recently photographed again, this time in Spain. It looks like 2005's going to be another great year to be a boob lovin' man with girls like Crisa eager to please. "Angel" Crisa is right.
Featuring: Crisa
Duration: 40
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