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Blooming Rose

Contessa tried her talents at hardcore action in First Fuxxx and has attracted a lot of props. Her red hair and lush body have hit the primal chord in a lot of members. I.V. writes, "Contessa Rose is a hit with this redhead lover right here! Great work, guys! She has a great set of tits and a wide, plump ass that doesn't quit, but what I love about this girl is that she has such a unique face. Maybe it's just me, but she comes across as a little bit Asian. Maybe it's her eyes, but she looks like a redheaded Asian girl, which really turns me on, big time. The whole combination of her red hair, fair skin and big tits is phenomenal." U.G. is also pricked by the beauteous rose. "All of the ladies are lovely and then there's my favorite girl, Contessa Rose. I think her breasts, with their creamy skin and pink, hard nipples, are perfect. I like that she looks like a nice girl but you can tell she is nasty and a sex fiend. Her pussy looks like it tastes really good, too. Her thick thighs…
Featuring: Contessa Rose
Date: March 18th, 2010
Duration: 52
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