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Hawaiian Hooters

SCORE: Do you have any funny habits?

Claudia: Yeah. I have to wear socks when I go to sleep. Cute ones, of course. I can never have sex barefooted. I have to have heels on. I don't like flat slippers, which is rare for having been raised in Hawaii, only high-heeled open-toe shoes. If it's a flat shoe, it has to be a boot.

SCORE: Where do you buy your hot outfits and lingerie?

Claudia: It depends. I try to economize since I need to buy a lot of them. I try to go to swap meets, Wal-Mart or Target. However, I have a very good eye and good taste and I do find really cute outfits without overspending.

SCORE: Do you wear high heels around the house?

Claudia: Yes. I love to dress up and take webcam shots and videos. I love to dress up.

SCORE: If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

Claudia: I would wish for human cruelty towards animals to end, for bigotry to end and for a good president for the US, one who is humane and…
Featuring: Claudia KeAloha
Date: September 28th, 2015
Duration: 50

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1 year ago 
Damn she is Sooo Fuckin' Hott! Can't imagine those succulent lips around my boy...MMMmmm! Those tits are magnificent!
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