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Clare And Kathy

Russian Kathy, the redhead, is the most voracious consumer of quality pussy -- next to a certain German lady, of course. Clare's last carpetmunch was with mature brunette Belinda in September '01 V-Mag.

Here's the deal: Kathy is a photographer about to shoot Clare, who's in her hairy pits and bushy motte mode. Kathy starts to get horny as she photographs Clare's bushy asshole crack. No surprise. This is a woman who gets hungry for clit at the first sight of an attractive female. As Clare follows Kathy's posing instructions, playing with her tits and precious pussy, Kathy's vulvanic regions get too moist to handle. She must the shoot goes to bloody hell. That's how it goes in the men's magazine industry, where good help gets too friggin' excited to put in a solid day's work. A sad fact of life, but one we must live with.
Featuring: Clare and Kathy
Duration: 30
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