Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous July 2006

Voluptuous July 2006

"Does this tattoo make me look fat?" Claire couldn't have made it easier for boob men to know her name, should they spy her in a bikini at the beach or at poolside or wearing a belly shirt during one of those blistering hot London afternoons. Now all Claire has to do is tattoo her phone number or email address somewhere and make their lives even easier. This is Claire's 3rd time at the plate and she's starting to open her legs up a bit. It means she's starting to relax. This may seem like eons have passed to Mr. Hurry-Up-Surf-The-Web For-Free-Porn-Guy, but in real life, the spreading of the legs, not to mention the parting of the pink, can take a lot of time to occur in the modeling experience. It must be working because Claire phoned us to come back and pose again. She must have enjoyed seeing herself on the cover of October '05. She does seem like a natural at showing off her birthday suit. With a body like hers, Claire should become a full-time lapdancer, dangling her nipples…
Featuring: Claire
Duration: 40
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