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Holiday 2005 Voluptuous

Claire was stunned when she first saw herself on the cover of last October's Voluptuous. We didn't tell her ahead of time so she had no time to prepare herself for the shock of seeing herself on the top shelf of every newsagent's rack in London, a feeling that some new girls have told us is equal to the endorphin rush of the first down-run on a roller coaster. "My favorite models in that magazine were Kelly Kay, who is simply gorgeous, Fiona Steels and the American girl, Princess," Claire said. "I would love to model side-by-side with Kelly. Not for sex photos, of course! I haven't even gone bottoms off." Claire is taking things one step at a time. That's slower than her breast growth spurt which catapulted her into an E-cup brassiere by the time she turned 19. "I really need to buy new bras," says Claire. "I've outgrown all of the ones I own. I wonder how long this is going to keep up. They seem to get a little bit bigger month by month. I don't know if I should go on a diet or just…
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