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December 2001 Score

Cindy returns and we are once again glad to have her. In October, we'll be releasing Cindy's first video, dedicated to a girl's favorite pastime: masturbation. Also featured: Lacey Legends, Londa Eve, Lovette and Hope from September 2001 V-Mag. This gives us a good opportunity to go over some facts here:

FACT: A dildo is a girl's best friend.
FACT: Most beautiful, busty women play the clitty fiddle at least once or twice a day.
FACT: Women jack it more, and more per day, than men.
FACT: Women love to see guys jack off and get near-orgasmic when they see a payload of jizz launched out of a man's dick, although they won't admit it and claim it is "icky."
FACT: Women hump their pillows and mattresses more often than men.
FACT: Men jack more in the shower than women, but not by much, as women love those handheld shower heads that provide long, exhilarating minutes of clit stimulation.
FACT: Even when buying a 12-inch cock-shaped latex vibrator with realistic veins and skin and a…
Featuring: Cindy Cupps
Duration: 30
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