Christy Marks: Busted

The police chief keeps Christy in an office answering the phone and doing paperwork. He knows she wants to bust criminals but he worries about her. Motor-boating a wanted fugitive or making them drop their pants so they can't run away might be misinterpreted by the news media and the public as excessive force.

The chief feels that putting her on the streets will increase crime rates because everyone will want to get busted by her. He's worried that she might accept an offer to pose nude and wind up as a front page story in the tabloid newspapers. It's better that Officer Marks stay at the station so he can keep an eye on her and jack. He can't figure out why there are always lipstick marks on the wanted posters and what that buzzing sound he hears coming from her office is all about.

After all, Christy is one of the few girls who can make an R-rated video look XXX.

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Featuring: Christy Marks
Date: June 30th, 2019
Photos: 100

Member Comments

12 months ago 
Could it be that her breasts are bigger than the police allows?
3 years ago 
I miss Christy. No other model has the power over my lower region like she has.
3 years ago 
Christy marks. So beautiful. I wonder where she is now. What shes doing. God I wished you could bring her back in for another shoot!!

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