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Key Largo Holiday - Part 8

The female voice is the sweetest sound in the universe. On this page, you'll be able to listen to the voices of Chaz, Chloe, Lorna, Kerry and Desirae in your choice of three formats. Chloe is speaking German in part of her audio file. Lorna is from Wales. Desirae is from Tampa, Florida. Chaz is from the east end of London. Kerry is from southern England.

Today, Kerry and Lorna are leaving the Key Largo house and heading to Miami. They'll spend the night, and fly out the next day for home. We will miss them very much. Some girls are models, in and out of your life. Others grow on you, and leave behind powerful memories and feelings. Chloe, Desirae and Chaz are staying one more day in Key Largo. On this page, you'll see the first girl-girl Chaz and Desirae have ever done. The digital camera somehow creates a moody, forbidden, mysterious atmosphere, similar to '70s style erotic photography.
Duration: 67
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