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Dr. Taylor & Mr. Hyde-The-Salami

Chavon Taylor is a sexy and big-chested scientist. She's researching bio-erotic drugs that will get humans super-horny and make them more attractive to the opposite sex.

Dr. Taylor decides to test her latest formula on the delivery man who never pays any attention to her or her big tits. He gulps down the stuff and immediately gets hard for the shapely boobologist. No lab equipment was wrecked as they fucked their brains out.

Why a girl who looks like Chavon and has an incredible rack is making this drug seems strange. But, as she explains it, "I'm making this formula for girls who are not blessed by nature with good looks or a sexy body. A lot of average or below-average women need sex too!" We appreciate her empathy but who cares about them?
Featuring: Chavon Taylor and Big Pike
Date: July 9th, 2018
Duration: 70

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