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Charlotte In Yellow

One of the big questions we have pondered for years is: how come women don't pay men to show their balls? Don't we pay women to look at (and photograph) their tits and snatches? When we ask most models this question, they just stare at us. If she has a sense of humor, she laughs. We sent a SCORE staffer to a Miami nightclub and had him stand by the ladies room. On his T-shirt we printed, SEE MY SCROTUM-$5. Result: He didn't make a fucking penny, plus some complaints from the female clubgoers got him tossed into the street. The tragic fact is that women won't spend a dime to see a man's genitals. Now about Charlotte. She's one of the great faces around here and has slimmed down and lost the baby fat since she first began modeling for us. When Charlotte was first photographed, no one could have predicted the impact she'd have. Having reached a tender 21 years on March 16 of this year, she hasn't neglected her education, however, and has her plans for the future well set as she enters…
Featuring: Charlotte
Duration: 35
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