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In Black

Here's a different kind of SCORE story, unusual in that it's a debut and a swan song in the same issue. Chante is, or was a housedancer in South Florida's, action packed clubs, like Pure Platinum and Diamond Dolls. She's been a house girl for the six years she's lived in Pompano Beach and has done okay for herself. She had no motivation to take on the complicated lifestyle of a traveling feature, preferring to hit her local clubs, make a bunch of guys horny, make her dough and drive home, leaving them with pre-cum stains on their briefs and brief, if happy, memories. She's been trying to become a SCORE model for five years. Everyone knows we have definite breast requirements to get into SCORE no matter how beautiful a girl's face and body is. Chante had a boob job but even that didn't make her big enough on top for us. It doesn't make us feel good to say no to a lot of otherwise deserving babes but we have to. SCORE readers and SCORELAND members expect us to maintain certain levels of…
Featuring: Chante
Duration: 20
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