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August 2003 Score

Casey's doing doubles this month as she's also got another fresh set in the SCORE special, Buxotica 2. "Casey James deserves her own magazine," writes John from Eggharbor, New Jersey. "That's my conclusion after laying eyes on her for the first time in your August issue." Hmmm, one of those new guys... "I've been buying big tit mags for 25 years and she is undoubtedly the most spectacular top heavy babe I've ever seen." 25 years of collecting boob stuff and he never saw a photo of Casey? Doesn't seem possible. "The shots of her hanging heavy on all fours, her giant meat bags swinging as she exposed that impossibly petite ass have sent me into a weeklong frenzy of masturbation in which I've achieved the biggest erections and messiest ejaculations of my life. She is udderly magnificent. Please feature her in every issue and show us some photos of her thunderous flopper meat spilling out of lacey, too-small brassieres." Meat bags? Flopper meat? Is this what they taught in college 25…
Featuring: Casey James
Duration: 30
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