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Score April 2006

Born November 11th, Candy is 5'3", weighs 120 pounds and measures 40-24-33. She wears a 34DD bra. A Chicago girl, Candy moved to Los Angeles to be where the action is.

SCORE: You have stripper muff!
Candy: Not really. I'm actually trying to grow it out a little. Most strippers are totally shaved now because they wear such skimpy thongs. They used to have the landing strip, but not anymore.
SCORE: And there's something sparkling down there by your pussy.
Candy: There is! It has a pink diamond in it. It's my pussy jewelry. I love it.
SCORE: When did you get that?
Candy: Years ago.
SCORE: Was that a this-looks-pretty thing or a sex thing? Why did you decide to get it?
Candy: It was a this-looks-pretty thing. I think my pussy is pretty, and this makes it look prettier. I don't think it does too much sexually, though. A little bit, maybe. I know a lot of girls say, "Oh, my God! I have orgasms when I walk." That's not true, at least…
Featuring: Candy Manson
Duration: 40

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