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Hooter Hospital

When the visiting nurse service from Hooter Hospital arrives, you can be confident that you will feel the healing touch of a busty angel. Nurse Bunny De La Cruz...this princess, this busty angel of mercy...will apply the laying on of the hands, kiss it, and make it all better. Not only will you walk again, you will bounce around the bedroom on your rigid erection like it's a pogo stick. Nurse Bunny is particularly adept with prostate issues. But not every patient she sees is truly ill. This man simply saw Bunny one day treating a patient and arranged a self-inflicted skate-board accident in front of a bus, so smitten was he with Bunny's fine self. His subsequent brain injuries did not prevent him from successfully banging Bunny after she arrived on time for his therapy. Every second inside her sweet pussy and slurping mouth was worth the years ahead of hopelessly unpayable medical bills. At least Bunny and her fabulous tits were able to coax out a load before he was reduced to the…
Featuring: Bunny De La Cruz and J.T.
Date: December 12th, 2008
Duration: 60
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