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A Bunny Tale

Things to know about Bunny Brooks:

"I'm a cam model. I stripped for two years prior to finding a banner on a website. I clicked it and I started watching all these girls. I said, 'This can't be real,' so I signed up, and before I knew it, I quit stripping. It's much more fun. You get to interact with people. It's fun getting to know people. Making friends and meeting people from all over the world. You get to interact more with people as opposed to stripping where it's just, 'Here you go. See you later. Hope you enjoyed your lap dance.' "

"I'm pretty good at tit-fucking. Just oil the babies up and get right to it. Maybe give a little blow job while I'm at it. You know, suck their cock while they're tit-fucking me, catch the head on the upswing. I don't swallow. Cum can go anywhere else. It can go in my mouth and I'll spit. On my tits. On my face. On my ass. In my pussy. In my ass. Anywhere else. I just don't swallow. I love seeing it out on my body, but it upsets my stomach.…
Featuring: Bunny Brooks
Date: July 31st, 2014
Duration: 65

Member Comments

11 months ago 
I quite like these transparent panties shots
10/10 bunny you're a star
4 years ago 
Please please please stop these fingers in the pussy photos!!!! Lets see the girls snatch in all its glory instead of being covered up by half a hand!!! Not good score, not good at all!!
4 years ago 
looking very good ^^nice These amazing boobs wow
4 years ago 
Yes! Love bunny Brooks!
4 years ago 
WOW! What a great looking woman, nice curves.
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