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June 2001 Score

This pictorial of Brittany has extra-erotic (as in sensual) overtones due in part to the fact that it was shot near dusk. The rest is the power of Brittany Love. The sun was sinking fast and our shooter Steve Berlyn aimed to bring out that twilight effect. The location was the aptly named Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands. Brit has this sensuous facial expression that is halfway between pleading and astonishment. All photographers and cinematographers will tell you that a real sunset by sea has a strange lighting effect that can't be duplicated artificially, even with multi-million dollar equipment. Back at SCORE HQ last February, we paired Miss Love with Haley Hills (aka Tabatha Jordan) for a dildo sharing, titty kissing match-up at the climax of our Lezzie
love-in video, Bosom Buddies #3. This was a complimentary pair-off, especially since both Brittany and Haley really love to eat pussy (although at heart they prefer penis enlargement) and they have a similar physique and…
Featuring: Brittany Love
Duration: 25
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