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Brianna On Top

Before Brianna Bragg decided to try big-boob porn, she was a Specialist Grade E4 in the Army. Private First Class Bragg learned a great deal from her time in the military, such as how to follow orders. In this pictorial, she follows orders such as "eat my cock and sit on it." Brianna looks like the girl-next-door, talks like the girl-next-door and fucks like the girl-next-door. That's why she is so easy to jerk off to. She likes bossy guys who are not shy about getting a girl to put out. "I like it when guys approach me," Brianna said. "If a guy is afraid to talk to me, then what's he going to be like in bed? Do you know what I mean? I like confident guys who don't care about being turned down. I'm eager to please and I think it shows."
Featuring: Brianna Bragg and Jordan Ashley
Date: June 4th, 2013
Duration: 41
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