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November 2003 Score

What kind of lawyer do you want to be?
Bre: Criminal. I've always found that interesting, although I'm not sure what side I want to be on.

You know, your big boobs might be an asset. You could just walk up to the defendant, flash your boobs...
Bre: And they'll be confessing and I'll win, even if he's not guilty. Maybe I can show my boobs during the closing statement and do a little dance!

You'd have my vote, no matter which side you're on. You know, seven years from now, you might find out that in Georgia, a lot of guys are purposely committing crimes just to see you.
Bre: That might happen, and I'll be rich and they'll be innocent. I'll get them all off, so to speak!
Featuring: Bre
Duration: 30
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