Big Boob Photos » April 2003 Voluptuous - White Teddy

April 2003 Voluptuous - White Teddy

The adorable law student knows all too well the dastardly effects of boob prejudice. While the mainstream media is obsessed with Michael Jackson's fucking nose, our in-depth interview with Bre uncovered the vileness of boob prejudice. "By sixth grade, I was already in a D-cup bra, and everybody said I stuffed my bra," Bre told us while we listened with elevated stomach acidity etching an ulcer in our guts. "I would get so mad, and I would start crying because I was so little. I was really little, and all these girls were tall and lanky, and I was short and cute with boobs, and they had no boobs at all."

There is boob prejudice in American schools. Yes, boob prejudice. The ugly side of life in the United States. Little, busty pixie Annie Swanson told us in her February '03 V-Mag interview about similarly distasteful incidents during her formative years. There are more stories out there. Many more. Yet the newspapers and TV news stations blow it off, brush it under the carpet. They…
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