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Bre In The Locker Room

Bre: When I go to school, I normally wear jeans and a little fraternity top, pulled up so it shows my stomach. No bra, with a little belt around my waist.
V-mag: A fraternity top?
Bre: Well, I like the boys. I'm the sweetheart of the fraternity, and they're always inviting me to their parties. Sometimes when I'm walking on campus, a stiff wind will come along and my nipples will get hard. I really like that, especially when guys are looking. I've seen guys drop their books and walk into buildings checking me out.
V-mag: Why do you like that so much?
Bre: Because I've liked guys all my life, and I like that they like my body. I've always been surrounded by guys. I have a younger brother, and my best friend's a guy, too, so all my life I've been around the boys. I used to be a bat girl for the baseball team. I was probably around eight, so you might say I started young.
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