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February 2003 Score

Brandy's Xtra pictorial in July '02's edition generated a flood of mail, mainly from magazine readers, not website members (who had little to say about it). What really kicked off a firestorm was this first letter from C.G. All of the letters below were published in the print magazine.

"I'm sure quite a few readers feel like I do about this topic. Though I am the furthest from a bigot as one can get, I prefer not to flip through my newest issue of SCORE and find the interracial shoot that you featured in the July issue. Brandy Dean's layout is obviously what I'm referring to. As diverse as The SCORE Group is, I don't see why you don't just create another publication which caters to those who want to see interracial layouts. Hey, you might not care to hear this one voice expressing this, but there are a lot more men out there who feel the same way. Ask the readers."-C.G., New York

The following letters were the reaction.

"I would like to address, and rebut the issue of interracial…
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