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It's nice to get Bozena out of the house. When the editors asked the photographer of this pictorial to tell Bozena to take her top down, she pulled up in an Audi convertible. Lost in translation? Things worked out as you can see. They found a quiet pasture and parked it. Utterly fearless, Bozena didn't worry about being seen by any grouchy farmers. But since this was Germany, if she had been caught by a farmer, he would have probably tried to hire her on the spot as a milkmaid. While she was adjusting her rack and spreading her pussy on the hood, Bozena told him that when she drives with her top down (her car top), guys shout out all kinds of comments. "European men are very aggressive. They will say point blank from the start, 'Let's go my your place.' I have never been to America but my girlfriend said they are very different from Europeans in their approach to women. They are not so blunt. One day I will visit the USA and see for myself." Word to international automakers: If you…
Featuring: Bozena
Date: April 11th, 2008
Duration: 40
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