Blondie Bombshell: How To SCORE With Bombshells

Blondie Bombshell: How To SCORE With Bombshells

Ridge Crix is in his car when he spots a hot blonde beauty wearing a skintight outfit. Her face and her big tits put him in a trance. She looks like she's waiting for someone. He's expecting to see a guy show up and whisk the blonde away but this doesn't happen. Remembering a fortune cookie saying, "Faint heart never won fair maiden," he asks this knockout if he can help her before some other dude beats him to it.

He finds out that Blondie Bombshell's been waiting for a girlfriend to show up. They were supposed to go out and party but her friend never showed up or phoned, leaving her stranded. Blondie is not eager to spend the rest of the day by her lonesome so she asks Ridge if he'd like to show her around the city. Then she changes her mind and suggests they go to his place and have a few drinks.

At his apartment, Blondie immediately asks to see his bedroom. She's ready to escalate things and get this party started. She's excited and asks him if he's excited. She feels his stiffy…

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Featuring: Blondie Bombshell and Ridge Crix
Date: July 28th, 2023
Photos: 168

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