Pickup On SCORE Street

Pickup On SCORE Street

Beverly Paige gets picked up and driven off to a dude's apartment for some fun and games and some recreational fucking. No-strings dicking with a huge-titted, all-natural hottie is the plan.

"When I was little and they would ask me to list what job I wanted, I would say, 'I want to be a porn star!'" said Beverly. "That was always my career of choice. And when I was little, I always wanted big boobs. I would stuff my bra and walk around. Well, I wasn't careful what I wished for... And then once I had boobs I knew I could be a porn star.

"I was an exotic dancer for a couple of years. Dancing at the club was exhilarating at first because it was getting over a fear of being nude in public. I mean I was the girl who would change into gym clothes in the bathroom stall in high school!

"At first the girls intimidated me and I was trying to compete with them. Then I realized that every guy likes something different. When I was dancing, I was kind of heavy, but I could dance. You have to…
Date: February 6th, 2019
Duration: 90

Member Comments

She's lovely, but self-consciousness isn't sexy. I want to see her tummy, not some crap pink tube top camouflaging it...
We're sure seeing a lot of this girl lately. Can't complain, though, I really like her. Maybe a video of this sometime ?

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