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Barbara In Purple

So, this beautiful 38-24-34 chick leaves Zambia, Africa to attend university in London and study engineering. She needed a few pounds so she's lured into dropping her clothes and exposing her gorgeous yabos after reading our famous newspaper ad for figure models. Is this a wonderful world or what? It's like taking candy from a baby. Seriously, Barbara is no ordinary baby. She's an engineering major and fluent in several languages. She intends to return to Zambia with her degree and help the people of her country. We're trying to persuade her to move to America and become a lapdancer. She can then return to Zambia one day with several suitcases stuffed with cash (unless she finds an unemployed boyfriend in the States) and begin using her skills to build bridges and hospitals. Well, it's a suggestion. This young eager-to-please student is 24, born November 24, 1975, weighs 126 lbs. and stands 5'8". Truthfully, we are very impressed with Barbara's credentials, not to mention the fact…
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Duration: 20
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