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Battle of the Sexes

General Barbara Angel is looking for a few good men when she sees Private Thomas Lee cleaning his rifle barrel. It's time to see just how good he is. His rifle is dirty so he's got to drop and give her ten.

She finds vodka in his duffel bag. Another infraction. That's punishable by imprisonment. The Private begs her for forgiveness. Since the General is an angel of mercy, she relents and shoves his head between her massive tits. The General likes that. She also likes a hard tongue and a hard cock in her mouth and her pussy. Since she's a sexy brunette with a truly voluptuous figure, Private Lee has no problem with fucking his way out of the stockade. He's a little nervous at first but the General orders him to suck her nipples. That always gets her peaks erect enough to give a guy a black eye. He can't disobey a direct order.

No one else is in the barracks so they can go at it hard and loud. If the General and the Private can't fight, they might as well fuck! The moral of the story…
Featuring: Barbara Angel and Thomas Lee
Date: July 1st, 2015
Duration: 80
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