February 2005 Score

February 2005 Score

"I never make the first move on a guy," Ava told a SCORE editor. "Even if I see a guy that I find attractive, I'll wait until he approaches me. I may catch his eye and smile, but I probably won't go over and start talking to him. If he doesn't come and talk to me, then I'll probably go home alone. I don't have one certain type of man I'm attracted to. I've dated a lot of different types of guys...it all depends on the individual. It may sound like I'm introverted, but I'm actually very happy with my life." There's a lot to learn from what Ava said here. From pouring over countless books and guides about successfully meeting women, dating and all the rest, research indicates that what a guy should do when he sees a babe like Ava is to at least attempt to chat her up. It can't hurt--even if she's not interested. Trying is the important thing. Be funny and a smart ass. Even if she takes off alone or doesn't want to give you a phone number, the effort is worth it.

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Featuring: Ava Lustra
Duration: 40

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