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Ashley's Paradise

St. Martin aka St. Maarten is a small Dutch-French island shared by both nations for over 350 years. And in all that time, no one as big-boobed as Ashley has ever honored them with her presence. "I love going to Spain," Ashley said. "The beaches there are amazing. But here, in the Caribbean, has been the best." We recently ran pictures of Ashley and Karina Hart checking out the townie scene together called "Two Girls In Town" in the Buxotica section, but the reaction they got from the locals was different than the experiences other girls have told us about. For example, when Kerry Marie would go to Greece, guys would follow her around repeatedly offering to help her apply her suntan oil. But on St. Martin, the people were more nonchalant. "It's totally different here," Ashley noticed. "It's a lot more relaxed here than it is in the U.K." The blonde bombshell fit right into the tropical paradise of this island nation. Lush, bountiful and heavenly. The perfect place for a photographic…
Featuring: Ashley Sage Ellison
Date: November 24th, 2009
Duration: 50

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4 years ago 
very nice colors and location. Good set
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