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Busting Up The Kitchen

If Ivy could be considered a 9, Arianna Sinn is a 10+. She also has a mischievous sense of humor. Check out her banana routine and playing around with a scale. As a model, she provides plenty of fantasy fuel. What does this Romanian sex-steamer sexually fantasize about for her own excitement? "I have always fantasized about having two guys, but I know I won't do it. I think I'm too shy. It's too much. It's okay for me to fantasize about it, but it's too much for real life. First I would like to see two guys masturbating while watching me and getting turned on by my body. I will do a slow strip for them and tease them, and they will masturbate. Then, when they are very hard, I will tease them a little more. I will rub my ass against their cocks. Then I will get right up to them and place my tits around their cocks and rub them up and down to make them more excited. And then I will give them both blow jobs, and then I will want them to take control and do whatever they want with me."…
Featuring: Arianna Sinn
Date: January 17th, 2011
Duration: 70

Member Comments

7 years ago 
Amazing shoot. Her jugs are beyond remarkable. I'd like to weigh them by hand.
7 years ago 
I've never wanted to be a banana before! But now....
Nice set. Arianna Makes us all want to be sinners.
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