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Boob Cruise 2k

Lensed at the ship's service bar. SCORE editor Mike Uwate describes Ariana perfectly in the Boob Cruise 2000 issue. "You ever meet a girl who you know is up to no good?" The silent type, Ariana says a mouthful just with one look. Those exotic eyes do all the talking. She has that erotic, sultry, sensual appeal of one of those European movie actresses of the '60s, like Sylvia Koscina or Luciana Paluzzi. (Ariana has Afghani ancestry.) We have met few 20 year olds who know how to weave the voodoo that turns you into a jabbering Love Slave of the Caribbean. Some of the guys fell for her like the proverbial ton of bricks. This is the hypnosexual effect Ariana has on the male species. Call it the siren syndrome. Every time you saw her, someone was rubbing her feet. Applying suntan lotion. Carrying her. Getting her a drink. Fetching something. Another cherry from the BC virgin club, we first lucked out earlier in the year when we found Ariana, and Adina, and cast them together in Busty…
Featuring: Ariana
Duration: 25
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