Big Boob Photos » September 2002 Voluptuous

September 2002 Voluptuous

Reader's girlfriend takes the plunge into Voluptuous territory and we're glad she did. We'd love to find more like her. She's cute as a button, sexy, chatty, energetic, friendly and she has phenomenal, natural tits. And she handled a toy like Hank Aaron wielded a baseball ball. (Not exactly the same way, but you know what we mean.) The natural explosion has been growing the past couple of years while at the same time the augmented newcomers have been spread thin. This, despite that fact that we've read that 800,000 women in the States got boob jobs (not all for cosmetic reasons.) So Annie cums along at the right time to SCORELAND. We gotta give a load of thanks to our valued subscriber for temporarily donating his girl. She was returned in the same perfect condition she was in when he first lent her to the cause. She's the perfect V-Gal! For details on Annie's background, if you haven't read it, click here to her first New Discoveries pictorial. If you've got a little lady who'd like…
Featuring: Annie Swanson
Duration: 30
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