Big Boob Photos » April 2003 Score - Pearl Necklace

April 2003 Score - Pearl Necklace

Angie likes biting guys. But don't try to bite her. She doesn't like being bitten.

She's never licked another girl. She fantasizes about doing that when she masturbates. Maybe one day she'll meet the right female to fool around with.

She masturbates whenever her current boyfriend is not around and she's lonely.
"I love toys and I even bought a vibrating tongue." Ever see one of those gizmos? They're really strange looking. We should get one for the studio.

Her favorite TV shows are Friends and Sex In The City. This should tell you a lot about Angie.

She sleeps naked. Indicative of a high sex drive.

Worst pick-up line: "If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together." That one sucks even by our standards. Yet chicks like cornball stuff, so it's worth a try one Friday night at the watering hole or public library.
Featuring: Angie Sweet
Duration: 30
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