Too Sexy For Her Dress

"I don't like to go on dates," says new SCORE Girl Angelina Castro. "I like to get straight to the point. Put up or shut-up." Angelina's a massage therapist by profession. Now that's a great skill to have. It's exciting to find out that your date is a massage therapist, especially if you think you have a shot at getting to at least first base on the first date. Most girls are not nearly as direct. Angelina doesn't seem to be interested in the usual dating/courtship/ritual routine. She's more into the "friends-with-benefits" system. She says that she would like to have sex in a theater and have an audience applaud her when she's done. That's one reason why she's here today in her birthday suit. "I like to have sex every day. I cum best from having my pussy eaten," Angelina says. She also claims she doesn't own a pair of jeans. "I don't wear any kind of pants. I buy and wear dresses only. I don't own a pair of pants. I don't wear underwear either! And I never wear a bra. If you see photos of me in a bra or jeans, it's because someone wanted to see me wearing them!" We'll see more of Angelina Castro on You can take that to the bank.
Featuring: Angelina Castro
Date: December 6th, 2008
Photos: 100

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13 years ago 

A beautiful, sweet girl with the loveliest body and a smile to die for.

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When I first joined in to Scoreland (more than 10 years ago). I was amazed how many lovely girls that was exposed there, dressed in sexy dresses. I thought to my self: "WOW this is really a site that admires sexy women."


We all know Scoreland is full of the world's hottest and curviest women, but Ivy Darmon is in a league of her own. Her face, tits, ass, posing, sex appeal, and outfits are all second to none. Definitely in love.


Impressive - not every chick Gigi Sweets' size can self-suck her own nipples. But self-sucking while she's getting banged is a whole 'nother level! Way to go, ScoreLand!


Great discovery here guys! Once again Score does right by me and my cock.


Many thanks Scoreland, simply Amazing... Best website ever!


This is why I love Scoreland!! Terri Jane is fantastic. Those pendulous, vein engorged, orbs of love are spectacular! Where do you find these women?


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