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Too Sexy For Her Dress

"I don't like to go on dates," says new SCORE Girl Angelina Castro. "I like to get straight to the point. Put up or shut-up." Angelina's a massage therapist by profession. Now that's a great skill to have. It's exciting to find out that your date is a massage therapist, especially if you think you have a shot at getting to at least first base on the first date. Most girls are not nearly as direct. Angelina doesn't seem to be interested in the usual dating/courtship/ritual routine. She's more into the "friends-with-benefits" system. She says that she would like to have sex in a theater and have an audience applaud her when she's done. That's one reason why she's here today in her birthday suit. "I like to have sex every day. I cum best from having my pussy eaten," Angelina says. She also claims she doesn't own a pair of jeans. "I don't wear any kind of pants. I buy and wear dresses only. I don't own a pair of pants. I don't wear underwear either! And I never wear a bra. If you see…
Featuring: Angelina Castro
Date: December 6th, 2008
Duration: 100

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7 years ago 
A beautiful, sweet girl with the loveliest body and a smile to die for.
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