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Voluptuous April 2004

V-mag: When did your boobs first begin to grow big? Was the growth gradual or quickly at a certain age?
Angelica: I first noticed that I was growing boobs about 4th grade, but they stayed about an A cup-ish until 7th grade when they shot up to a DD, then I gained the last cup size during my freshman year in high school. I'd say that the growth was definitely rapid!
V-mag: Were you the bustiest girl in high school?
Angelica: While I did have large breasts, I'm originally from the south; a lot of Southern girls have large breasts, so I was, by far, not the bustiest.
V-mag: Did your classmates treat you any differently because of your breast size?
Angelica: Definitely. In spite of the number of girls who had large breasts, I was one of the few who didn't try to hide it. I guess because I wasn't ashamed of my breasts, that really ticked off the small-breasted girls and I got picked on a lot.
Featuring: Angelica Raven
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Dream girl fantasy.
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Love the sheer bra
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