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The Wicky Work-out

Angel Wicky projects a sort of virginal quality in her solo pictures. Does she see that also? Has anyone else commented about this?

"If you mean how I look like a sweet, young girl, an innocent angel, yes. Many people write me and tell me that and how interesting it is. They don't believe I also do hard porn because I can be a sweet, innocent angel in one photo and a devil whore in another. I think it's nice to be different at different times. I like it when I shoot something in these opposite styles. I love to roleplay with costumes and makeup. I feel like a devil in the body of an angel.

What kind of exercise does Angel do to stay fit? Is it at home or at a fitness center?

"I prefer to relax at home, but I like running, swimming and some training at fitness centers. Plus I get a lot of exercise and cardio during shooting and posing when I am making photos and movies. Also, healthy eating is very important. I love lots of fruits, vegetables, home-made fresh juice, nuts and seeds,…
Featuring: Angel Wicky
Date: April 19th, 2014
Duration: 65

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1 year ago 
She can work me out anytime. She's lovely.
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