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Score Magazine Holiday 2006

Anastasia's sex life is hotter since she did the Cock Drainers video (photos in March '06 SCORE). Ever since she fucked for the camera, sex has become something to experiment with. Anastasia's more exhibitionistic, more sexhibitionistic and now into "scenes." She likes to try new positions even if they're uncomfortable to the point of straining a muscle. Sex is more of an event, a bigger part of her life. She's put a big mirror in her bedroom and likes to look at herself being fucked or licked or giving head. She wants to put a mirror on the ceiling above her bed. Until she gets one installed, she wants to go to hotels that specialize in sex-themed rooms with mirrors everywhere. It was like a genie was uncorked from a bottle. And speaking of bedroom costumes...
Featuring: Anastasia
Duration: 90
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